I'm Angela

As a Mum, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Podcast Host, I have a passion and commitment for you to discover your reason for being, unleash that genius and share those destined gifts with the world.

Life is too short not to!

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Angela Lee

20 Years of Experience.

Having worked in the Wellness industry internationally for over 20 years  I have been fortunate to coach some of the world’s most successful people to lasting and life-changing results.

I have also had the opportunity to pass on these skills having mentored health professionals to beyond what they thought was possible with a long list of success stories including award-winning trainers.

This has included establishing a team of Advanced Health Coaches and Health Practitioners in Australia, NZ, and Asia. I’ve also been given the platform to speak internationally to inspire people to live their best life and share my gifts.

Angela Lee

#WilltoLiv Podcast

We are a global movement discovering the reason for being and "Will to Liv" our most fulfilling life.